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# 19A, 2nd Main Road,
3rd Cross, KIADB,
Veerasandra Industrial Area, Hosur Main Road, Anekal Tq,
Bangalore – 560100.
Karnataka, India

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Essae Group
Essae Group, a progressive conglomerate, was founded in the year 1965 with a vision of serving society by supplying superior quality products that provide high value for money.


Relentlessly focusing on delighting the Customer, the group's activities include manufacturing and marketing of

Electronic weighing scales and systems
Auto Components
Electronic Cash Registers
Bar Coding and Scanning Systems.
PCB Assemblies

A training institute, with world class facilities and international networking has been established to enhance the knowledge of Indian Organisations in the realms of Quality Management.

Companies in the Group

Company Activity
Essae Aucom Machined Components
Essae Chandran Institue Total Quality Management Education
Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd. Truck Scale, Automobile Assemblies & Components
Essae Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Electronic Manufacturing Systems (EMS)
Essae Solution Pvt. Ltd. Machined Components
Essae Technologys Pvt. Ltd. Barcode System
Essae Teraoka Ltd. Electronic Weighing Solutions, Electronic Cash Register
Quality Automates Machined Components
Servewel Industries Machined Components

Essae Teraoka Ltd.

Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd.

Essae Chandran Institue


  • Ten Manufacturing Facilities in Bangalore, Pondicherry and Goa.

  • 68 Marketing outlets all over India.

  • All companies in the Group are certified for ISO 9001.

The Group Logo

The logo of the group represents the group's vision - Customer Delight. A customer can be delighted only if the supplier organisation has

  • Strong leadership and commitment towards customer delight

  • Technology that offers innumerable benefits to the customer

  • Systems to ensure that the right quality is delivered to the customer

The arrows signify that all the three components must be continuously improved to keep pace with the ever changing customer's requirement.

The Group Motto

  • Respect Humanity

  • Harmonise and Humanise Work

  • Serve humanity by offering products and services of

    q - QUALITY - BEST

    v - VALUE - HIGH